Community Update – August 27, 2021

Good Day Friends and Neighbours,

In our last community communication (August 20, 2021) we advised that Milton staffers put forward a recommendation that the Town of Milton, “ . . . objects to the use of Milburough Line between Derry Road and 11th Concession East as a designated truck route . . . “.  We are very pleased to advise that Milton Town Council adopted the recommendation (August 23, 2021 Council meeting) which is great news and reflects the outpouring of community opposition.  Very well done!

There was broad support from Milton Town Council with Councillors Tesser-Derksen, Best and Cluett speaking in opposition to the Hamilton proposal.  Mayor Krantz may have said it best when he stated, “this isn’t going anywhere.  I’m pretty familiar with the terrain out there  . . . it just doesn’t make any sense . . .  and the multi-millions of dollars it would take to put a truck bypass through there doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever economically or otherwise.”

So what happens next?   With community opposition being so strong and Milton, the municipality with joint ownership of the boundary road, making clear their opposition to the proposal, the ball looks to be squarely in the court of the City of Hamilton. 

 We are also aware that Judi Partridge, the Councillor for Flamborough, recently held a meeting with the Hamilton Transportation Planning team and continued to voice her concerns regarding the planned heavy truck routes for this area.  The city staffers responsible for the project, acknowledged the strong community opposition, the numerous issues being raised and the position taken by the Town of Milton.   We trust this will lead them to make the right decision.

It is expected that the next report from city staffers will be submitted to the Sub-Committee for a meeting in November.

So . . . let’s all stay engaged, celebrate our success to date and, as a group of concerned residents, continue to make our case that Concession 11E and Milburough Line is the wrong place for a heavy truck route.

Community Update – August 20, 2021

Good Day Friends and Neighbours,

We have some positive news to share regarding our opposition to the heavy truck route proposed for Concession 11E and Milburough Line.

By way of background, Milburough Line is a boundary road and the Town of Milton has joint responsibility for such things as road maintenance and for approving large capital projects.  Once Milton became aware of Hamilton’s proposed Truck Route Master Plan (TRMP), Milton’s Development Services area began a review of the proposal.

The resulting recommendation from Development Services to Milton Town Council, which we find very favourable, appears below (full copy of the report is attached):

THAT Council objects to the use of Milburough Line between Derry Road and 11th Concession East as a designated truck route; AND THAT a copy of DS-066-21 entitled City of Hamilton Truck Master Plan be forwarded to the City of Hamilton and the Region of Halton.

The opposition from Milton is as strong as we had hoped and an indicator that area residents have done an outstanding job in voicing their opposition to the proposed heavy truck route!

Milton Town Council is meeting on August 23rd and the proposed Hamilton TRMP and review of the above recommendation is on the Agenda.  RORR (Respect Our Rural Roads) has received delegate status and we will be presenting to Milton Town Council.  A copy of our submission to Council is attached to this email. We encourage you to tune in to the Council meeting at 7pm through the following live stream link:

Although we still have considerable work to do to ensure these two rural roads and the surrounding area remain protected, the community should take great pride in this ‘win’ at this stage of the process.

Next Steps:

The community and spoken up clearly and professionally.  Together we will succeed.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Respect Our Rural Roads (RORR)

Steering Committee